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Earth Sciences Research

To study the materials and forces that shape our planet, the department offers research programs that span the earth sciences.

Earth Sciences Research

The following are some of the topics addressed by our research, with relevant links:

Climate History and Impacts

Investigating climate archives through time and across geologic settings; quantifying climate impacts on human, terrestrial and cryosphere systems; and developing tools for examining climate conditions and impacts in the past and future.

 Carli Arendt, Ethan Hyland, Lewis Owen

Earth History

Faculty: Ethan Hyland, Lewis Owen, Bill Showers
See Also: NC Natural History Museum

Geoscience Education

The process of learning (geo-cognition, teaching strategies), the incentives for learning and the development of learning from freshman to graduate student. 

Faculty: David McConnell, Carrie Thomas
See Also: The Science House

Environmental Geology and Hydrology

Quantifying the flow and composition of ground and surface waters; monitoring and mitigation of environmental contaminants within diverse geologic settings.

Faculty: Carli Arendt, David Genereux, Lewis Owen,  Bill Showers
See Also: Rivernet

Marine Geology and Geophysics

Focusing on the sources and sinks of ocean sediments, coastal hazards, paleoceanography and the formation of ocean basins.

Faculty: Del Bohnenstiehl, Lonnie Leithold, Paul Liu, Chris Osburn
See Also: The Center for Marine Sciences and Technology

Solid Earth Systems

Investigations into the Earth’s formation and evolution, including studies of regional tectonics, geophysical processes, volcanic systems and economic ore deposits.

Faculty: Del Bohnenstiehl, Paul Byrne, David McConnell, Lewis Owen

Surface Processes

Assessment of the processes shaping the terrestrial landscape; use and development of geographical information systems (GIS) for managing land use and change.

Faculty:  Paul ByrneDel Bohnenstiehl, Ethan Hyland, David McConnell, Lewis Owen, Helena Mitasova, Karl Wegmann
See Also: Center for Geospatial Analytics