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Karl Wegmann

Associate Professor

Faculty Fellow, Center for Geospatial Analytics

Second Vice Chair, Quaternary Geology & Geomorphology of the Geological Society of America

Jordan Hall 2123



I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in General Geology and Natural Hazards, Earth Surface Processes (Geomorphology), and Field Geology (aka Field Camp). Students in my group conduct research around the world, including in Mongolia, Greece, the Pacific Northwest, and of course in North Carolina. Typical student research projects include a combination of field-based studies that are paired with geospatial analysis and modeling.

Research Description

My research interests include the intersections of the fields of geomorphology, active tectonics, paleoseimology, paleoclimatology, and biogeomorphology. I approach research problems in a field-based, process-oriented, multidisciplinary manner. My current research seeks to addresses questions related to how landscapes respond to tectonic and climatic forcing, and to decipher distinct topographic, erosional, stratigraphic, and bio-genetic signatures of such.


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Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lehigh University (2008)
M.S., Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of New Mexico (1999)
B.A., Geology, Whitman College (1996)

Research Locations and Collaborations