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Stuart Bishop

Assistant Professor and Director of MEAS Honors Program

Lisa Falk

Assoc Teaching Professor

Douglas Hamilton

Asst Professor

Aerosol, Climate Modelling, Wildfires

Ruoying He

Goodnight Innovation Distinguished Professor

Ethan Hyland

Assoc Professor

Climate, Paleontology, Geochemistry

Chris Osburn

Professor and Director - Blue Economy Innovation Program

Marine Biogeochemistry

Lewis Owen PhD

Dean - College of Science

Zhen Qu

Asst Professor

Atmospheric Chemistry, Data Assimilation, Machine Learning, Air Quality, Greenhouse Gases

Camilo Rey-Sanchez

Asst Professor

Micrometeorology. Land-Atmosphere Interactions.

Walter Robinson


Atmospheric dynamics and climate change

Astrid Schnetzer

Associate Professor and Associate Dept. Head

Karl Wegmann

Assoc Professor

Earth Surface Processes