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Researchers in NC State University’s Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences seek answers that enhance our understanding of planet Earth.

MEAS Symposium

Our World, Discovered

Core to sky, NC State’s Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (MEAS) investigates our dynamic planet. From cloud formations to forest fires, sea-level changes to shipwrecks and fish schooling, we examine how subtle changes in earth systems touch how people live, what they eat, where they go.

Our research enhances our understanding of earth’s dynamics — past, present and future. To that end, we offer the most advanced equipment, world-class laboratories, and partnerships with global organizations, universities and faculty. In a department led by some of the best minds in the field, MEAS researchers explore the world with curiosity and skill.

$28M for Research

More than 30 government, industry and nongovernmental organizational partners support our research.

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Research and Results

Our research engages with the real world. We seek science-based answers to global issues like climate change, access to clean water and sustainable land use. We also explore the practical challenges that emerge as those ideas become solutions.

These issues cross boundaries between academic disciplines, and our faculty and graduate students cross disciplinary lines to confront them. As one of the nation’s best-integrated geosciences departments, we’ve built an infrastructure that supports interdisciplinary research, and we’re a key partner in five research centers and institutes that bring minds together.