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Grad Students

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Rachel Alcorn

M.S. Student - Marine Science

John Brooks

MS Student - Marine Sciences

Zach Chalmers

M.S. Student - Atmospheric Sciences

Nathaniel Curtis

PhD Student - Biological Oceanography

Shreyas Rajendra Dhavale

PhD Candidate - Atmospheric Science

Ian Grace

Graduate Research Asst

Trevor Gunn

Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant

Earth Science

Mahdi Hasan

Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant

Kaitlin Karaffa

MS Student - Atmospheric Sciences

Mike Madden

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Dominique Martello

Master's Student - Earth Science

Metamorphic petrology

Myleigh Neill

Research Technician-Nonexempt

Tia Ogus

Graduate PhD -Marine Science

Emily Pierce

PhD Student - Marine Science

Cameron Siegel

M.S Student - Earth Science

Landscape Evolution

Amanda Sinning

M.S. Atmospheric Sciences Student

Joyce Smith

PhD Student - Graduate Teaching Assistant

Abby Thornton

PhD Student - Atmospheric Science