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Paul Liu


3147 Jordan


Ph.D. 2001 (Geological Oceanography), Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), College of Williams & Mary (W&M), Williamsburg.

M.S. 1995 (Marine Quaternary Geology), Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

B.E., 1992 (Hydrology and Engineering Geology+Marine Geology), Ocean University of China.

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2020-2022 World Large River and Delta Systems Source-to-Sink Online Webinar Series

Area(s) of Expertise

Late Quaternary sea-level changes and their paleo-climatic and paleo -environmental implications; see more ...

Flux and fate of river-derived sediment in the marginal sea. Riverine sediment dispersal, transport, and accumulation in different continental margin environments, in particular those delatic and clinoform deposits from the large rivers in Asia, e.g. Yellow, Yangtze, Pearl, Red, Mekong, Irrawaddy, and Salween, etc; see more ...

Land-Ocean Interactions: Postglacial stepwise sea-level rise and formation of various stratigraphic sequences< (Transgressive layer, flooding surface, and depositional hiatus)

Nearshore and Offshore Seafloor Digital Mapping using high-resolution Subbottom Profiler (Chirp Sonar) and Swath Bathymetric Sonar System. see more ...

Numerical Modeling for Sediment Transport