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Diversity Committee

Mission: To build a geoscience department that fully reflects in its students, postdocs, staff, researchers and faculty, the rich diversity of people who occupy this planet.


  • Support the work of search committees developing diverse pools of applicants for all MEAS faculty and staff positions and maintain this diversity throughout the hiring process from the initial pool to finalists and hires.
  • Increase representation of people of color in MEAS graduate programs through effective recruitment and implementation of best practices for evaluating graduate applications.
  • Ensure scientists and scholars from historically marginalized and underrepresented groups are well represented in the MEAS seminar series.  Seminars shall address issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in geoscience research and teaching.
  • Develop and contribute content for the MEAS website, which represents us as a department proactively addressing issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.


Carli Arendt, Curtis Congreve, Wendy Goddard, Gary Lackmann, Paul Liu, Robert Mera, Chris Osburn, Walt Robinson, Astrid Schnetzer

For more information, comments or suggestions, please contact the committee chair: Walt Robinson (