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Community Climate Committee

MEAS Departmental Community Climate Committee 

Mission: to ensure that MEAS is an inclusive department where all members of our community can thrive. Identify behaviors and conduct harmful to the department community, and recommend reforms to departmental practices, structures, and habits that enhance the intellectual and professional climate for all. We recognize that an inclusive collegial workplace within the department serves as the foundation for every member of MEAS to become an effective agent for change across our department, the university, our scientific communities, and society.

Community Climate Committee Charges:

  • The Community Climate Committee and Diversity Committee will hold town halls, workshops and panel discussions to understand and promote awareness on what obstacles BIPOC and other historically-marginalized members of the community face in MEAS and at NC State. As part of this effort, we will seek guidance from outside experts on how to transform MEAS into an inclusive and anti-racist department.
  • We will facilitate training and workshops in MEAS to address racism, implicit bias, and harassment and to prompt bystander intervention. This will include, but will not be limited to, certifying members of our faculty through the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED) Cultural Competence and Inclusivity Program.
  • Recognizing the vital role that mentorship plays in building and maintaining a healthy and inclusive community, we will work to achieve excellence in mentoring for faculty and students
  • We will work to create a safe and supportive workplace environment in which every member of the department community feels empowered to report bullying, harassment, or discrimination. We will promote policies and practices to ensure that members of MEAS are held accountable for behaviors that violate guidelines of non-discrimination, academic integrity, civility and professional behavior, while protecting and supporting those who report such behaviors.
  • Together with the Diversity Committee, we will maintain a page on the MEAS website offering articles, research and tools addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and spreading awareness of harmful behaviors, implicit bias, or microaggressions and best practices for combatting unacceptable behavior.

Committee Members and Contacts:

Lisa Falk (chair; contact:, Paula Marques Figueiredo, Meredith Henry, Ethan Hyland, Miranda Irby, Jay Levine, Walt Robinson, Stephanie Sabatini, Astrid Schnetzer, Jackie Sullivan, Karl Wegmann