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College of Sciences

Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

Ryan Paerl

Asst Professor

Jordan Hall 4135


I am a marine/aquatic microbiologist currently working at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark but will transition to NCSU summer 2017.   There are opportunities for Masters or PhD students to join my new group in 2017.  In the future I plan to teach marine microbiology as well as biological oceanography.

Lab website:

Research Description

I am interested in improving our current understanding of marine/aquatic microbial ecology, physiology, and biogeography. Problems and questions related to nutrient cycling (production, assimilation, and transformation) are of particular interest - especially in regards to nitrogen and vitamin (B1) cycling.  Students in my lab will conduct in-field and/or laboratory-based experiments and employ traditional (cell isolation, culturing) as well as modern molecular techniques (qPCR, PCR, nucleic acid sequencing, isotopic tracing) to test hypotheses.  


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PhD, Ocean Sciences, UC Santa Cruz (2011)
BA, Biology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2004)

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