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College of Sciences

Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

Brice Coffer

Graduate Research Asst

Jordan Hall 5138


Hi! My name is Brice Coffer, and I’m a research assistant in the Convective Storms Group here at NC State under the advisement of Dr. Matthew Parker. I use observations from our field projects to study how the environment affects the in-storm processes within supercells thunderstorms that eventually lead to tornadogenesis (or the lack thereof).  I grew up in Texas, but I wised up and went to the University of Oklahoma for my undergraduate degree. In addition to studying at OU, I also worked for the National Severe Storms Laboratory and interned at the Storm Prediction Center. While there, I participated in several field programs, including VORTEX2. My original interest in meteorology stemmed from tropical cyclones, however while working at NSSL and the SPC, as well as storm chasing throughout the Great Plains, I developed a deep passion for severe convective weather.

In my free time, I like to watch TV and play video games. I also enjoy soccer (Arsenal), football (Boomer Sooner), kayaking, and traveling. I’m currently trying to visit every US National Park (34/59).


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Bachelor of Science, Meteorology, University of Oklahoma (2012)
Master of Science, Atmospheric Science, North Carolina State University (2014)
Doctor of Philosophy , Atmospheric Sciences, North Carolina State University (2017)

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