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Camilo Rey-Sanchez

Asst Professor

Micrometeorology. Land-Atmosphere Interactions.

Jordan Hall 3140


Lab website:

My goal is to understand how different ecosystems are regulating atmospheric processes that are relevant for weather, climate, and air quality predictions. My focus is the study of biophysical processes in the planetary boundary layer mostly through measurements and to a lesser extent through modelling. Key areas of my research include (1) the study of how different land covers affect the height of the planetary boundary layer and how this affects the weather and air quality we experience; (2) the study of methane emissions from wetlands with the goal of developing better models of the greenhouse gas budget of the planet; (3) the study of the diversity in plant physiological and mechanical processes that regulate water, trace gas, and momentum fluxes.

My research is interdisciplinary and combines knowledge from the fields of meteorology, plant ecophysiology, hydrology, biogeochemistry, and ecology.



Ph.D. Environmental Science The Ohio State University 2018

M.Sc. Civil Engineering The Ohio State University 2018

B.Sc. Forest Engineering District University of Bogota 2011

Area(s) of Expertise

• Gas exchange measurements with the eddy-covariance technique
• Novel applications of flux footprint modeling (e.g. methane hotspots detection)
• Planetary boundary layer height measurements from radar wind profilers
• Study of planetary boundary layer processes using the CLASS model
• Validation of remote sensing products (e.g. evaporation, gross primary productivity) of medium (e.g. ECOSTRESS) to high (e.g. Cubesats) resolution using eddy-covariance and footprint modeling
• Measurements of plant physiological parameters to use in photosynthesis and evaporation models