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Adam Curry

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Jordan Hall 1142B

Area(s) of Expertise

My research focuses on the journey of magma from the mantle to the crust to the Earth's surface. I am interested in the chemical, physical, and thermal evolution of magmatic systems. I integrate geochemistry, thermobarometry, zircon geochronology, modelling, and data-driven approaches to understand the assembly of magma reservoirs and why they erupt.

Ongoing projects:
1. Geochemistry and geochronology of large, crustal magma reservoirs feeding caldera-forming ignimbrite eruptions in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado.
2. Data-driven approaches (e.g., data clustering and machine learning) to understanding local and regional trends in petrology.
3. Volatile geochemistry in Icelandic basalts and rhyolites.
4. Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) applied to Li exploration in North Carolina pegmatites.

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