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Geospatial Forum: 3rd Doctoral Student Edition (NC State)

Jordan Hall Addition 1216 2720 Faucette Drive, Raleigh, NC

Geospatial Analytics Ph.D. students will share current research in a series of lightning talks: Martine Mathieu: Spatial Predictive Dispersion Modeling of Particulate Matter (PM2.5) Concentrations as Surrogates for Exposure in Colfax, Louisiana, USA (advised by Jennifer Richmond-Bryant, FER) Abstract: In Colfax, LA, several residents have experienced adverse health effects in an area surrounding an open…

MEAS Department Seminar

Speaker - Lauren Toth, US Geological Survey (hosted by S. Zhang),  Zoom only Seminar title - Geological perspectives on the degradation and restoration of coral reefs Bio -  Lauren Toth is a coral-reef ecologist who uses clues from the geologic record to better understand the modern decline of coral-reef ecosystems and to inform future coral-reef management and…

Geospatial Analytics Dissertation Defense: Corey T. White

Jordan Hall 5103 2800 Faucette Drive, Raleigh, NC

Defense Presentation Title: Facilitating Civic Engagement in Rapidly Urbanizing Regions through Geospatial Participatory Modeling Co-Advisors: Dr. Helena Mitasova, Associate Director of Earth and Environmental Sciences Applications, Center for Geospatial Analytics; Dr. Ross Meentemeyer, Director, Center for Geospatial Analytics Abstract: Rapid urbanization and the increasing frequency of extreme precipitation events are leading to communities vulnerable to flooding and…

M.S. Graduate Student Defense – Grant Colip

1132 Jordan Hall 2800 Faucette Drive, Raleigh, NC

Speaker - Grant Colip, M.S. Graduate Student, Earth Science Seminar Title -  Interpreting seismic reflection imagery to reconstruct late Quaternary earthquake history at Lake Crescent, Washington, USA Location - 1132 Jordan Hall and Zoom Committee Chairs:  Lonnie Leithold, Karl Wegmann Committee Members:  Del Wayne Bohnenstiehl, Daniel Brothers

MEAS Department Seminar

Speaker - Ryan Kramer, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (hosted by S. Larson),  Zoom only Seminar title -  Observing and Modeling Earth’s Energy Imbalance in a Warming World Abstract -  Like anything in life, climate change is about balance. Or rather a lack thereof. When Earth’s incoming and outgoing energy is in balance, the climate is stable. Currently…

Ph.D. Graduate Student Defense – Julian Chesnutt

2106 Jordan Hall

Speaker - Julian Chesnutt,  PhD Graduate Student, Earth Science  Seminar Title - Mass Wasting Landforms on Earth and Mars:  A Tale of Two Mesas Location - Wednesday, March 8th ~ 10:00 A.M. 2106 Jordan Hall and Zoom Committee Chair: Karl Wegmann Committee Members: Del Bohnenstiehl, Paul Byrne, Helena Mitasova, Peter Harries

Geospatial Analytics Dissertation Defense: Katie McQuillan

Jordan Hall 5103 2800 Faucette Drive, Raleigh, NC

Defense Presentation Title: Linking Forests and Freshwater across the Southern Appalachian Forest Landscape Advisor: Dr. Katherine Martin, faculty fellow and assistant professor in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources Abstract: Forests act as natural water towers, provisioning freshwater downstream to support aquatic biodiversity and supply drinking water, agriculture and energy. Understanding how climate change…

M.S. Graduate Student Defense

1132 Jordan Hall 2800 Faucette Drive, Raleigh, NC

Speaker - Samantha Michlowitz, MS Graduate Student, Atmospheric Science  Seminar Title - The Role of Ocean Circulation on Externally Forced Trends in the Tropical North Atlantic Monday, March 20, 2023 ~ 8:00 A.M., 1132 Jordan Hall and Zoom Committee Chair: Sarah Larson Committee Members: Anantha Aiyyer, Gary Lackmann

MEAS Department Seminar

Speaker - Erica Thompson, Senior Policy Fellow, Ethics of Modelling and Simulation at the LSE Data Science Institute, UK (London School of Economics), Website (hosted by W. Robinson), Zoom only.  Seminar Title - Escaping from Model Land Abstract - We seek to understand the future of the climate system by making models, but it is not easy to assess the…

2023 Day of Giving

All gifts to our Center’s Enhancement Fund today will support scholarships for military (active-duty or veteran) students in our online master’s program!  Our #GivingPack goal is to raise enough to award at least one $3,000 scholarship. Every gift, no matter the size, will get us closer to our goal. (Day of Giving’s minimum gift is…