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Understanding Our Planet

The oceans, atmosphere and landscape all influence one another. Faculty and researchers in our department work across these environments to tackle the grand scientific challenges of today and tomorrow.

Dear MEAS Community,

As we collectively mourn the ongoing violence against the Black community in our country, we stress that the Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (MEAS) is committed to ensuring a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. MEAS strongly condemns racism and institutionalized racial violence and stands in solidarity with the communities and movements seeking to confront them. We will make the changes needed to ensure that a welcoming and inclusive environment becomes a reality in MEAS.

In the coming weeks and months, we will engage with the entire MEAS community – faculty, post-docs, staff, graduates, undergraduates, and visitors – including through our Diversity and Climate Committees. We look forward to engaging with Black and other minority MEAS community members to understand what obstacles they face and to make sure we live up to our collective responsibility to ensure they thrive. We recognize that the geosciences suffer from a lack of diversity and we commit to building an MEAS community that reflects the rich diversity of our country.

As part of this commitment we will work to build a safe environment, offered by the departmental leadership and student advisors/mentors, for everyone to express their views and concerns, and to ensure problems are dealt with head on.

We will undertake this journey together to make a stronger and more inclusive department.


Lewis Owen, Head of Department
Astrid Schnetzer, Associate Head and Chair of Climate Committee
Walt Robinson, Chair of Diversity Committee

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