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Sarah Larson

Assistant Professor

Jordan Hall 5148


I am a climate scientist with interests in both atmospheric science and physical oceanography applications in studying climate variability, dynamics, and predictability. Please visit my lab webpage.

Research Description

My research interests include tropical and extra-tropical climate variability, air-sea coupled processes, and climate prediction and predictability on seasonal to multi-decadal timescales. I work with earth system models to pick apart the fundamental drivers of climate and specialize in developing novel modeling methodologies to confront my hypotheses. Specifically, my current research aims to understand how variations in large-scale atmospheric circulation and weather 1) impact how well we can predict El Nino and La Nina events, 2) drive sea surface temperature variability, and 3) generate variability in the large-scale ocean circulation. My group has also recently began a project that aims to better understand the physical drivers of anthropogenically forced trends in surface climate and ocean circulation. We tackle this issue through coupled model experiments with varying degrees of complexity in how the atmosphere and ocean communicate.


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Ph.D., Meteorology and Physical Oceanography, University of Miami (2016)
B.S. , Meteorology, University of South Alabama (2011)