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Markus Petters


Prof. Petters joined NC State in 2009. He has taught Atmospheric Thermodynamics, Atmospheric Physics, Atmospheric Aerosols, Atmospheric Radiation, Introduction to Computing in the Geosciences, Introduction to Air Quality and Climate Change, Measurement and Data Analysis, and Graduate Seminar. Prof. Petters has received Kenneth T. Whitby Award for contributions to Aerosol Science and Technology awarded by the American Association for Aerosol Research in 2015. His research focuses on phase transitions facilitated by atmospheric aerosols. Emphasis is on laboratory measurements, field observations, and process-level model development.

Prof. Petters’ group includes the following research themes.

Research Theme 1: Laboratory studies using size and supersaturation resolved cloud condensation nuclei measurements to examine the question of how organic compounds contribute to cloud condensation nucleus activity

Research Theme 2: Laboratory studies using tandem differential mobility analyzers to study aerosol equilibrium water uptake, evaporation rates, and phase transitions of crystalline and amorphous sub-200 nm aerosols.

Research Theme 3: Laboratory experiments to study the mechanism of how particles nucleate ice.

Research Theme 4: Ground-based field experiments studying atmospheric aerosol properties including new particle formation, size distributions, size-resolved CCN properties, sub-saturated hygroscopicity distributions, aerosol water content, ice nucleation spectra, fluorescent (biological) aerosol properties, and black carbon properties

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PhD Atmospheric Science University of Wyoming 2004

MS Soil Science University of Wyoming 2000

Area(s) of Expertise

Aerosol Science, Aerosol Instrumentation, Physical Chemistry of Aerosols, Aerosol Phase Transitions, Atmospheric Aerosols, Secondary Organic Aerosol, Bioaerosol, Cloud Condensation Nuclei, Ice Nuclei.