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Timothy Wright

Postdoctoral Research Scholar


I am in my second year of post-doctoral research work on the topic of thermodynamic and kinetic behavior of glycerin aerosols.

Research experiments: Analysis of ice nucleating particle concentrations in air and rain samples. Thermodynamic and kinetic behavior of glycerin and propylene glycol aerosols.

Instrument designs: Designed, constructed, and verified drop freezing assay to measure ice nucleating particle concentrations within sample water. Designed and constructed laminar flow reactor with variable sample residence times. Synthesized specifications to design and construct an electrostatic lens and optical block. Constructed, validated, and operated a volatility-hygroscopicity tandem differential mobility analyzer (VH-TDMA) system.

Software implementation: Designed and implemented drop freezing algorithm to process microscopy images from drop freezing assay to automatically detect and flag freeze events for rapid processing of ice nucleating particle measurements. Implemented an aerosol evaporation and hygroscopic growth model in the MATLAB software environment. Wrote LabView software to control and collect data from drop freezing assay microscope camera and VH-TDMA systems.


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Ph. D., Atmospheric Science, North Carolina State University (2014)
M. S., Electrical Engineering, North Carolina State University (2008)
B. S., Electrical Engineering, North Carolina State University (2003)
B. S., ComputerEngineering, North Carolina State University (2003)

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