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College of Sciences

Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

John Wall

Graduate Teaching Asst

Jordan Hall 4139


As an earth scientist, I am interested in how and why landforms are spatially related to each other.

Employing geospatial technologies, remote sensing data, statistical analysis, and fieldwork; I seek to understand how hydrologic, anthropogenic, and biological processes have and continue to impact the earth’s surface and those living on it roughly since the Pleistocene epoch.

My teaching duties since joining the MEAS Department have mainly focused on Geology I: Laboratory (MEA 110) while including some guest lectures on geospatial science modeling and applications in Exploration & Engineering Geophysics (MEA 471) and Geomorphology: Earth’s Dynamic Surface (MEA 481).

During Spring 2016 I will be the teaching assistant for MEA 471.

Research Description

My research interests include the application of spatial technologies to various Earth Science problems. Currently, my research focuses on the application of spatial technologies to karst geomorphology. I am also interested in the use of near-surface geophysics for environmental and geoarchaeology applications.


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MGIST, Geospatial Information Science & Technology, NC State University (2013)
B.S., Anthropology, College of Charleston (2009)

Research Locations and Collaborations