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Jacob Radford

Graduate Student

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I grew up in in the mountains of North Carolina in Hendersonville, NC, where I learned to appreciate the (rare) snowfall events affecting the Southeastern U.S. This passion for winter weather led me to earn my B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences with a forecasting concentration from UNC Asheville. I decided to continue my meteorology education, earning an en-route Master’s degree from North Carolina State University in 2019 along the way to my (still-in-progress) Ph.D. Aside from my education, I have had professional experiences working at the Southeast Regional Climate Center, the National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center, the 14th Weather Squadron, and the EPA. I have also worked as a teaching assistant for MEA 443: Synoptic Weather Analysis and Forecasting, MEA 215: Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences (for majors), and MEA 135: Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences (for non-majors).


B.S. Atmospheric Sciences University of North Carolina - Asheville 2016

M.S. Atmospheric Sciences North Carolina State University 2019

Area(s) of Expertise

I'm a Ph.D. student under Dr. Gary Lackmann at NCSU and my work often finds me at the intersection of meteorology and data science. My Master's work focused on evaluating the predictability of mesoscale snowbands by the High-Resolution Rapid Refresh. My Ph.D. work will extend this study to evaluate the snowband forecast skill of the High-Resolution Ensemble Forecast (HREF) system and investige the environmental factors controlling predictability.

A parallel study will be the development of new methods for visualizing high-dimensional (ensemble) datasets and assessing the efficacy and interpretability of ensemble visualization products. Existing and new visualization methods are applied to live HREF data and can be viewed on my website: