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College of Sciences

Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

James Russell


I am currently a PhD Student working under Dr. Anantha Aiyyer as a Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant. My area of work is atmospheric dynamics and my interests are currently focused on tropical meteorology and hurricanes. Currently, I am working to improve the understanding of the role that convection plays in the growth and maintenance of African Easterly Waves. These waves are important as they are a precursor to a majority of tropical cyclones in the Atlantic and they modulate a substantial fraction of rainfall in the Sahel region of Africa. I currently teach Mathematical Methods in Atmospheric Science with Dr. Aiyyer. I am also interested in Numerical Weather Prediction and Geoscience Education. I am currently developing a set of labs to teach Mathematical Methods in Atmospheric Science more efficiently through the use of computer programming.

Outside of the department, I am an avid rock climber, traveller, and outdoors enthusiast. Feel free to visit my website where you can find more information about me and my research.



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M.S., Meteorology, University of Oklahoma (2014)
MMet, Meteorology, University of Reading (2012)

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