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College of Sciences

Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

Dale Sprinkle


Research & Teaching Assistant


Research Description

I work in the Marine Geophysics Lab with Dr. Del Bohnenstiehl. Our group is using real-time data from the NSF's Ocean Observatories Initiative cabled-array to investigate the effects of mantle plumes or mantle melt anomalies on mid-ocean ridges. My current project focuses on submarine vulcanism and earthquake seismology at Axial Seamount in the Juan De Fuca Ridge off the coast of Washington and British Columbia. I am generating moment magnitudes and analyzing the frequency-magnitude distribution for a catalog of over 70,000 micro-earthquakes.


BS, Geology, NCSU (2009)
MS, Geophysics/Seismology, NCSU (2017)

Research Locations and Collaborations