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Cindy Lebrasse


ORISE Fellow at the US EPA


Originally from Mauritius island, I came to NC State in 2015 as a Fulbright scholar to pursue my Master’s degree in Marine Science and I am currently a PhD candidate in Dr. Chris Osburn’s Biogeochemistry lab, working in parallel as an ORISE fellow at the U.S. EPA with Dr. Blake Schaeffer. Aside from my passion for everything ocean-related, I enjoy my daily yoga routines, taking care of my house plants, watching FRIENDS for the hundredth time, nature walks and just being at the beach.


B.S. Marine Science and Technology University of Mauritius 2012

M.S. Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences North Carolina State University 2017

Area(s) of Expertise

My research interests include marine biogeochemistry, carbon cycling, satellite remote sensing of marine and estuarine systems as well as coastal modeling. My current research focuses on using a combination of satellite remote sensing, bio-optical and hydrodynamic modeling approaches to assess carbon cycling in two blue carbon habitats: The seagrass meadows of St. Joseph Bay, FL and salt marshes of Bald Head Island, NC. My Masters research examined the spatial and seasonal effects of tidal inundation on lateral exchange of blue carbon along the marsh-estuary interface of Bald Head Island, NC.