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Brandon Lewis


State Climate Office Employee



I am currently a M.S. Student in Atmospheric Science in the air quality research group, under the supervision of Dr. Viney Aneja. My educational background is in meteorology and mathematics. I have experience in fieldwork focusing on data collection for greenhouse gases and aerosols. I was born and raised in Shelby, North Carolina and my interest in weather was sparked by watching the exciting documentaries on The Weather Channel such as “Storm Chasers” and “Worst Natural Catastrophes in History”. In my personal time, I enjoy playing tennis competitively and improving my musicianship.


Research Description

My research interests includes air quality, boundary layer meteorology, environmental justice, and micrometeorology. My current research is focusing on modeling toxic gaseous emissions (e.g., ammonia and hydrogen sulfide) released from CAFOs, concentrated animal farming operations, in eastern North Carolina and analyzing resulting pollutant exposures on minority and low-income communities. This project will include GIS modeling and environmental justice analysis.


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B.S.,, Meteorology, NC State University (2018)