Photo Contest 2020

The MEAS Department held a photo contest as another way for our group to connect during the COVID-19 crisis. These photos are the result of the contest.

Mountains - Ellie Cardenal

Photo Categories

Hyland - 1st Place image
Ethan Hyland, 1st place

Abstract Geoscience

Ethan Hyland Weathered Enchantments 1st
Laura Holland Giant Clam 2nd
Carli Arendt Perspective looking down 3rd
Rebecca Hahn Ocean Jasper Honorable Mention
Erin Voigt Marsh Texture Overview Honorable Mention
Rachel Atkins -1st place
Rachel Atkins -1st place

Field Science

Rachel Atkins Buckskin Gulch 1st
Carli Arendt Ice-o-topes 2nd
Lian Xie Harp seals 3rd
Karl Wegmann Remote field camp, Altai, Mongolia Honorable Mention
Matt Parker Supercell thunderstorm Honorable Mention
Chris Eads - 1st place
Chris Eads – 1st place

Laboratory and Computer

Chris Eads Pyganodon cataracta larva 1st
Astrid Schnetzer Deep Sea Shrimp 2nd
Alyssa Quackenbush Juvenile Blue Crabs 3rd
Dave Eggleston Worm larvae Honorable Mention

Flamingos At Lago ChungarĂ¡ By Volcan Parinacota Chilean High Andes - Russell Harmon

Scenic and Wildlife

Russ Harmon Flamingos at Lago 1st
Ethan Hyland Overhead Flores 2nd
Dave Eggleston Deep Sea Octocoral with Brittlestar 3rd
Stu Bishop Reflection-Kill Devil Hills Honorable Mention
Chris Eads Yellowstone Grand Prismatic Spring Honorable Mention
Bill Showers Female Cardinal Honorable Mention
Ellie Cardenal Fossil Ridge, Gunnison National Forest Honorable Mention